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Wacom Pen Displays

Wacom Pen Displays

Wacom Pen Displays allow you to turn your regular Notebook, Laptop or Desktop PC into an large Tablet PC.

Wacom are the makers of the advanced Active Digitizer technology that is found in the best Tablet PCs from Fujitsu, Motion Computing, HP, Lenovo and others.

If you want to take advantage of the natural user interface that a Tablet PC can offer, but you need a larger format then the Wacom Cintiq and Interactive Pen Display range are for designed you.

Wacom Pen Displays give you access to the inbuilt Tablet PC functions of Windows 7 like the Tablet PC input panel, handwriting recognition and pen flicks. They also:

  • Use proximity and pressure sensitive electromagnetic digitizer technology
  • Feature up to 1080p high definition and sizes from 12" - 24"
  • Plug into your PC via VGA or DVI ports
  • Offer you precise and accurate cursor control like no other input device

Wacom pen displays are perfect for applications like:

  • Drafting, planning and estimating
  • Interactive lecture theatres – you can build these into lecture theatre podiums enabling truly interactive
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Meeting and board room note taking
  • Graphic, industrial, fashion and architectural design
  • Mapping and GIS
  • Document mark up and editing

The hardened glass surface is designed for durability and the pens are cordless and battery-free for complete simplicity. The full range of Wacom Pen Displays are available to purchase online in the Tablet PC Store.

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