HP Compaq 2760p - Convertible Tablet PC

The HP Compaq 2760P is specifically designed for user efficiency and ease of use:
  • One of the best convertible Tablet PC's on the market, giving you the best of both worlds – Laptop and Tablet
  • Mobile broadband (3G/Next G) internet capability built in
  • 12.1” Wide Screen - Outdoor LED screen option available
  • Comes with Windows 7 Professional

The HP 2760P is ultra-portable:
  • Light weight at only 1.79kg
  • Ultra-slim design - Just 32 mm thick

It's tough:
  • Tested for altitude, high temperatures and dust to military standards (MIL-STD 810F)
  • Can operate at temperatures of up to 60 degrees and below - 29 degrees
  • Designed and extensively tested for durability.

The HP 2760P Convertible Tablet PC has great specifications:
  • Intel® Core™ i7-620M processor:
    • 256 Gigabyte Solid State Drive
  • Up to 16 Gigabytes of memory (4Gb Standard)
Cases, backpacks, car chargers, extended batteries and other options available for purchase through our Tablet PC Store.

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