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Samsung Series 7 Slate - The super slim, lightweight , go anywhere, do anything Tablet PC.

At last, an ultra mobile tablet is powerful enough to replace your laptop.

The Samsung Series 7 Slate features an Intel Core i5 Generation 2 "Sandy Bridge" processor. With Sandy Bridge, Intel made significant improvements in processing power, graphics performance and power consumption. What that means is that you get a Tablet that runs faster for longer!

Series 7 Slate with its super fast Solid State Storage (SSD) boots from cold in a blistering 16 seconds - twice as fast as the nearest "pad" - and the built in standby mode delivers an instant on experience.

Even with all that power, the Samsung Series 7 Slate only weighs 890 grams and packs a 5 hour battery life in real world use (7 hours claimed by Samsung), and even charges to full capacity in just 2 hours.

Amazingly small but flexible

Only a whisker over 1 cm thick, the Samsung Series 7 Slate is amazingly small. Despite being over 10 times more powerful the Series 7 Slate is packed into a package that could easily pass for a media tablet (iPad or Android).

On board you'll find connectivity like a USB and Micro HDMI port that allow to connect to just about anything. Built in Bluetooth and Wifi extend your connectivity options even further.

When you couple this with the included ultra portable dock and Bluetooth keyboard you can have the flexibility of a full laptop or desktop PC with a keyboard and mouse in the most portable form factor. The dock is small enough to easily fit into your travel bag, but features:

  • An additional USB port
  • Full sized HDMI for connecting to a projector or monitor
  • Audio in/out port for connecting your speakers and headset
  • Power in for fast charging your tablet.

Worlds best input system

The Samsung Series 7 Slate includes the worlds best multi-touch screen and active digitizer system made by Wacom. The Wacom active digitizer pen is:
  • Proximity sensitive - the screen detects the presence of the pen without touching the screen - perfect for using Windows applications that are not designed for touch
  • Pressure sensitive - 256 levels of pressure sensitivity allow a more natural inking experience and can be used for digital artwork.

This advanced pen technology is unlike any experience that a capacitive touch screen on a "pad" can offer. The Wacom hardware is far more responsive and gives you complete granular control - essential for sketching, note taking and artwork tasks. Series 7 Slate also features the Wacom capacitive multi-touch screen technology that is incredibly responsive and only requires the lightest of touches. Windows 7 multi-touch gestures and flicks make using the Series 7 Slate a true productivity device.

Use more powerful desktop apps

"Runs any Windows program!"

You could spend hours sifting through an "app" store to find a program that does half of what you need… or you could get a Samsung Series 7 Slate and take the applications that you need with you everywhere!

Whether it's Excel, PowerPoint, Bluebeam or ArcGIS - the Samsung Series 7 Slate has got you covered. Because the Series 7 Slate is a Windows based PC running a standard version of Windows 7 you can run any program that you can on your desktop PC.

And once you take a bite out of Microsoft OneNote together with the Wacom Active Digitizer and Multi-Touch screen you'll never go back to a regular PC or pad again!

That said, Samsung's Touch Launcher software gives you access to the best of the "app" style touch experience for favourites such as photo viewing, weather and notes.

Don't just watch video, make it!

The on-board Intel HD 3000 graphics adapter makes video playback and rendering superfast. It also translates into much better performance for your graphics programs like AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop.

But that's the beauty of the Samsung Series 7 Slate in comparison to other pads and tabs. Sure you can take native videos and music in any format and play them back (no iTunes, converting, transferring etc!), but having this kind of power in your hands means that you can even edit full HD video directly on the Tablet itself in real time.

High Definition to go

The 11.6" high contrast display on the Samsung Series 7 Slate packs in a High Definition 1366 x 768 pixels. That's the same number of pixels as you'll find on many high definition TVs. Of course this means more than just brilliant fine clarity in movies, but it also means that you'll have plenty of room to run your desktop applications on screen.

The screen is protected by Corning's Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass is five times stronger than a typical tablet screen and offers crystal clarity for the best viewing experience.


Home version - recommended for students, individuals and home use. Business version - recommended for executives, executive sales force, accountants, physios, allied health. Not recommended for field users (mining, local government, constructions), high connectivity users (no inbuilt 3G).

Free training from the Tablet PC experts

A fully fledged slate tablet computer like the Samsung Series 7 Slate offers an unprecedented depth of functionality to make your life easier and more productive. But how do you make sure you're getting the most out of your Tablet PC?

Tablet PC offers you free video and group training on the Series 7 Slate Tablet PC. Conducted by Tablet PC experts in capital cities around Australia, or in person on your Tablet PC via our video training portal - exclusively free to Tablet PC customers.

We're also on hand to help you to find solutions to your Tablet PC questions. Want to know how to use Adobe Photoshop on a Tablet PC? We have the answers to that and hundreds of other Tablet PC questions, and we offer them to Tablet PC customers at no extra cost.*

"Samsung comes very close to proffering the perfect tablet PC" - Tom's Hardware


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