Utility companies in Australia deliver critical services across our vast county. To meet demanding standards, the typical utility worker is faced with paper, clipboards, double handling and inefficiency.

When implemented effectively Tablet PCs can help utility companies to cover and maintain their networks with far greater efficiency. But finding the right device for high demand a environment can be tough.

That's where you can call on the experience of Tablet PC Solutions. We have worked with dozens of the largest utility companies in Australia to deliver projects through to success. We know a successful mobility project involved far more than just selecting and delivering a device.

A successful tablet project involves:

  1. Workflow analysis
  2. Software selection and advice
  3. Device selection
  4. Timely and managed delivery
  5. Image building and deployment
  6. End user device training
  7. Help desk device training
  8. Specialised backup support
  9. Efficient warranty and non-warranty care.

Tablet PC Solutions specialise in delivering this 9 point plan for tablet success.

Just a few of our utility customers;

  • Melbourne Water
  • Sydney Water
  • Yarra Valley Water
  • Mid Coast Water
  • Wide Bay Water
  • Unity Water
  • SP Ausnet
  • Electranet
  • Ergon Energy
  • TruEnergy
  • Origin Energy
  • Essential Energy
  • QGC
  • QLD Airports
  • Active Tree Services
  • Vemco
  • Aurecon


Talk to us on 1300 110 101 about our experience with deploying Tablet PCs in power, water and gas and feel free to ask us for reference contacts. 


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