ATEX and ANSI Certified Tablets

ATEX Certified - Intrinsic Safety

ATEX is an intrinsic safety standard that applies to rugged Tablet PCs. To keep workers safe in potentially hazardous environments, the European Union implemented the ATEX regulations (Explosive Atmosphere). Devices that are certified to these regulations do not ignite potentially explosive atmospheres.

Environments that may require ATEX certification include:

  • Mines
  • Gas plants
  • Mills
  • Refineries
  • Chemical manufacturing.

Some rugged Tablet PCs include an ATEX certification that allows them to be used in certain hazardous environments. There are various certification levels under the ATEX regulations, so you will need to carefully check to see if the following devices meet your requirements.

ATEX certified devices must carry a sticker that indicates the certification for the device. The following devices are ATEX certified. Check the device description to see what certification level applies.

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