Windows 10 Tablet User Experience and Adoption

Learn how to get more from your Windows 10 tablet devices.  

This hands-on training gets your people out of their comfort zone (keyboard and mouse) and into the productive zone (keyboard, mouse, pen and touch).  Your people will learn how to leverage great new features in Windows 10.  They’ll also learn how to eliminate paper from their daily routine by using touch and pen features in Microsoft Office.   

Finally, they’ll also come away from this session with tools that will help them to run more efficient meetings.

Windows 10 on 2-in-1 Devices Course Outline

Part 1 – Windows 10 on Tablets Introduction

  • I need to get more done, but how?

  • What's stopping me from achieving more?

  • The challenges to getting things done.
          - Duplication of effort
          - Distraction at work

  • Operating system navigation with touch and pen

Part 2 – Productivity

  • Get organised - Start menu best practices, customisation and search

  • Manage and Focus on Specific tasks by:
    - Splitting Screens
    - Using Task View
    - Managing Messages and Notifications

  • Windows 10 Quick Actions

  • Windows 10 Built in pen features - Ink Space, Snip & Sketch and Sticky Notes

  • Windows 10 Apps - are you using Photos, Maps and Calculator?

  • Input methods - On Screen Keyboards with Touch and Pen

  • Using 'digital ink' in Microsoft Office - Work, Excel and Outlook

  • Introduction to OneNote on a Windows 10 tablet.

  • Inking on PDF documents (Microsoft Edge, Adobe Acrobat or Drawboard PDF)

Attendance: Group session of up to 25 people conducted on site (group size can be varied to suit circumstance)

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Anywhere in Australia

Minimum: 1 course

Travel costs: N/A for Capital cities

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