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Xplore (previously known as Motion) prides itself on customer satisfaction.  Here at Tablet PC, we take the stress out of getting your tablet repaired by arranging courier collection and re-delivery.  Xplore's range of warranty options provides your company with the warranty coverage that best suits your needs.

All Xplore tablets (excluding CL-Series) have a Standard 3 Year Limited Warranty: covers defective component parts and product replacement if deemed necessary.
Consumable parts (batteries, pens etc)
Cosmetic damages
Ordinary wear and tear
Accidental physical damage or misuse
Screen scratches or breaks
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Limited Warranty Extension:
Optional four and five year limited warranty extension coverage is available for XSLATE B10, XSLATE D10, Bobcat, C5m/F5m-Series, R-12 Series and IX104 XC6-Series Tablets.

xDefend Tablet Warranty:
The xDefend warranty is designed to complement the standard limited warranty.  All system components, except consumable parts (batteries, pens etc), are covered under this program.  Xplore may elect to repair or replace damage equipment, at their discretion, with a model of equal or greater value.  The xDefend warranty may be purchased at the time of a new tablet purchase or up to 30 days from the ship date.
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xDefend Battery Warranty:
Batteries are consumable and should be replaced every year.  Secure up to four replacement batteries at a discounted rate if you purchase the xDefend Battery Protection within 30 days of purchasing your tablet.
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Please call us on 1300 110 101 if you would like more information regarding Xplore's warranty options.

To arrange for your Xplore/Motion tablet to be repaired, please click here.


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