Tablet PCs, Windows 8 Tablets, Pens, Batteries, Chargers, Software and More

Tablet PCs, Windows 8 Tablets, Pens, Batteries, Chargers, Software and More

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Windows 8 tablets, Android Tablets & Rugged Tablets

Tablet PC specialise in helping your company to successfully deploy Tablet PCs, Windows 8 tablets, Android Tablets and Rugged Tablets.

We don't sell desktop or laptop computers. That's right, we've only sold tablet PCs since 2005!

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Rugged Tablets

We have delivered large tablet roll outs for some of Australia's largest organizations like Rio Tinto, RAAF, Melbourne Water, SP Ausnet and Electranet. But we love working with small businesses too.

On our Rugged Motion Computing and Panasonic ToughPad tablets we offer the exclusive TabletCARE Warranty.

Find out about our experience with Tablet PCs in your industry.

Tablet PC Training and Consulting

To ensure that your staff get the productive with their new tablets right away, Tablet PC offer on-site training sessions across Australia. Find out more about our courses.


Thinking about deploying tablets in your organization? Don't fall into the same old traps. Tablet PC have been involved in thousands of Tablet deployments all over Australia. We can help you to find the best tablet for your project.

Need more than 1 Tablet PC?

Tablet PC specialise in project and industry applications.

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