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Are you always in meetings, on the road or regularly working out of the office?

Tablet PCs are the next generation of portable computing combining all of the features of a notebook with the added advantage of a pen.

Here's just a few of the things you can do with Tablet PCs:

  • Take handwritten notes
  • Record meeting notes with sound
  • Write emails in your own handwriting
  • Sign documents on screen
  • Fill out forms on screen in handwriting and save paper
  • Capture information in the field where ever you are
  • Plus anything that you can do on your laptop!

Tablet PCs are commonly used in industries such as construction, mining, sales, insurance, healthcare, human resources. They're also popular with travelling managers and executives.

Tablet PC come in 3 forms: Slate and Convertible, and Hybrid.

Slate Tablet PCs

A slate Tablet PC looks just like a screen without any keyboard, and is generally more portable as it has no inbuilt keyboard to reduce weight. Slates are ideal for mobile applications.

Convertible Tablet PCs

A convertible Tablet PC looks very similar to a laptop with the most notable difference being that the screen swivels on a hinge to the Tablet Form, and does not detach from the keyboard.

Hybrid Tablet PCs

A Hybrid Tablet PC is a combination of both Slate and Convertible Tablet PC form factors whereby it can be used separately in either pure slate mode, or if a keyboard is required, the slate can attach to the portable keyboard included to type out information just like a laptop.

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