Miracast - Wireless Presentation for Windows & Android Devices

Miracast is a standard wireless display technology developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance*.

Miracast supports full mirroring of your device's screen with a remote screen. It is perfect for presenting and sharing content from your Tablet or Phone in the boardroom, auditorium, meeting room or lounge room - with complete wireless freedom!

Using the Miracast adapters below you can turn your existing TV or Projector into a wireless presentation device.

For travelling presenters, we recommend using ScreenBeam® as we have found this to work best with a wide range of devices and setups.

How it works:

Simply plug your Miracast Adapter into a HDMI port (some adaptors support VGA too) on projector or TV that you are presenting with and connect using your Phone, Tablet or Notebook. 

The presentation TV or projector will mirror exactly what is on your device!

Supported Devices:

Most recent Windows Notebooks and Tablets, Windows Phones, Android Tablets and Android Phones have Miracast technology built right in. Software support for Miracast is built into Windows 8, Windows 10 and Android. Windows 7 devices will need to install some software. Older PCs can still use Miracast with an adapter.

More information:

Miracast is sometimes called "Screen Sharing", "AllShareCast" or "Screen Mirroring." This open standard is also being built into many Smart TVs and Projectors.

Miracast creates its own direct connection between your device and the display using Wi-Fi Direct. So you do not need access to a Wi-Fi network to use Miracast.

*The Wi-Fi alliance is a nonprofit industry association that manages the Wi-Fi standard.

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