Panasonic Toughbook G1 - ANSI-C1D2 Certified for Hazardous Locations


Panasonic now have some models for the G1 Toughbook tablet certified for use in hazardous locations. This special model is suitable to be used in certain hazardous locations across Oil and Gas, Petrochemical Manufacturing and Mining.

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To view the original product without ANSI-C1D2 Certification click here

-The Directive ATEX is named after the French "ATmospheres EXplosives" and has been mandatory from 1st July 2003. The Directive covers a  surprisingly large range of equipment, potentially including equipment used on fixed offshore platforms, in petrochemical plants, mines, flour mills and  other areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere may be present.

-Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent product safety certification organization. UL develops standards and test procedures for  products, materials, components, assemblies, tools and equipment, chiefly dealing with product safety. ANSI/ISA-12.12.01 covers a large range of  equipment for areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere may be present.

ATEX and ANSI/ISA-12.12.01 are Certification for safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres
Oil Field Development, Industrial Plant, Gas station, Chemical plant, Oil factory, Paint factory, etc.


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