Tablet and Microsoft Office training

Deploying tablets can radically change the way your people work. It is critically important to manage that change effectively. 

Over many years working with tablet projects we have seen that projects can fail if change management is not taken seriously. Effective change management is the key to all successful tablet deployments of scale. A significant part of that change management is ongoing training.

To meet that need, we have designed several Tablet specific training courses. Our hands-on professional development courses run on-site, in your board room or classroom. We regularly run these sessions one on one, or in groups as large as 25.

If you are deploying Tablet PCs like the Microsoft Surface Pro to your staff you can ensure the success of your deployment by making sure that your staff are properly trained. We can help you to have your people ready to go from day one and help them to build their knowledge and advance their skills over time.

We have trained people from pen and paper based field workers, nurses, teachers, executives all the way to some of Australia's top CEOs, politicians and business people.

Ensure that your Tablet rollout goes smoothly and successfully. Engage with Tablet PC to make sure your staff are ready to go with the right device, trained by the most experienced tablet trainers in Australia on day one!

Microsoft 365 Training CoursesMicrosoft 365 Training Courses
Learn all that Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) has to offer with our tailored training sessions
Professional Development CoursesProfessional Development Courses
Deploying devices? Managing change is essential! Get the best out of your devices and your team!

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