Surface for Education

Tablet PC is your Microsoft Authorised Surface Education Reseller. We can help you to evaluate the Surface tablet for your staff or classroom. An online purchasing portal is available with Education pricing for your school. Using the Surface in your school will open your eyes to unique learning potential. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Surface?

The evidence is clear – the way students enter information into a computer makes a big difference. Schools and school systems need to understand that even with great teachers and excellent planning, computers can either enhance a student’s ability to think, communicate and learn, or seriously undermine it. 

Microsoft Surface tablets can unlock the true potential of your classrooms with true multi-modal learning. With Surface, touch, pen, keyboard, audio, camera and video input all come together in a seamless experience on one device. 

Importantly Surface includes the most advanced pen technology on the market. 

For students, having a device with a digital pen is important for learning. Pen enables students to engage in: 

  • Annotating and active, immersive reading
  • Generating, capturing and synthesizing ideas - messy, creative thinking that is not catered for with keyboards
  • Visible learning - capture your student's thinking (formative assessment) - Especially important for STEM subjects where pen expression is more fluid and natural
  • Processing, reflection and summarising when note-taking - Handwriting helps students to construct and retain knowledge.
  • Deep thinking and problem solving - 24.5% more correct answers when solving science problems
  • Idea generation - 56% more ideas generated from brainstorming with a digital pen - organizing thoughts visually.

For teachers, giving feedback with digital pen is faster enabling fluid interaction that is far richer than typed input.

Office 365 - Free for Students.

Why Tablet PC? 

Tablet PC are Surface specialists. We use the Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Book in our office. One of our founders, Brett Gilbertson is a Microsoft Surface MVP who has travelled to Microsoft HQ in Redmond to work with the Surface team many times. 

Service Second To None 

  • Direct access to log warranty claims on your behalf. You speak to our expert staff, not an overseas call centre.
  • Spare tablets and accessories on standby in your local area. 

Best advice 

  • We specialise in Surface, but we also sell a wide range of Windows tablets.
  • We know the pitfalls, issues and traps with deploying Surface
  • We can advise on the best accessories and warranty programs for your needs.

Professional Development and Training 

  • Delivered our unique tablet training programs all over the world (even to Microsoft HQ in USA)
  • Face to face professional development - your teachers will learn how to take advantage of Surface


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