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Working remotely with technology has been our life for over 17 years. From experience we know that your home office environment is vitally important! 

Do you have the right device? A device as powerful as a desktop, that can be used as a laptop and a Tablet.  Most importantly, a device that has a digital pen!

  • Surface Pro 7+ is currently in stock. There are some available for delivery now - while stocks last - get in quick.
  • Surface Pro X is available, but talk to us first to make sure it's suitable.
  • If money is not an issue, nothing beats a Surface Studio and Surface Pro together! 

 Do you have the right set up?


  • Screen real estate is important. A good display puts all of the information you need in front of you, reducing context switching and allowing you to focus. A good screen helps you to get more done. Visit our display recommendations here - these are in stock. 


  • Do you want more than 1 extra monitor?  Then make sure you have the right docking station to achieve your home office setup goals.


  • Keyboard, Mouse, Webcam?  Do you need have the right tools to make you productive?

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Tablet PC specialise in project and industry applications.

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