Windows 8 Tablets - Enterprise ready, consumer friendly.

Windows 8.1 will completely change the way you think about tablets. No longer are lightweight mobile tablets just Angry Birds playthings (though you can play Angry Birds on your Windows 8 tablet too).

Thanks to Windows 8, tablets are now more than ever enterprise ready, content creation and work tools.

Best Windows 8 Tablet PC

200,000+ Windows 8.1 tablet apps - 30,000,000+ apps for the desktop!

Windows 8 couples the power of a full PC operating system with a touch friendly modern operating system. There's a whole new world of Windows 8 apps in the Windows store designed specifically for tablets like the ones in our Windows 8 tablet store.

Best of all, your existing laptop software works on your Windows 8 tablet too! Excel, Word, Photoshop, Firefox, Chrome, Bluebeam PDF Revu, Powerpoint, Outlook… the list goes on.

Forget about having a laptop and a tablet! Windows 8 makes your life simple by combining your most important work devices into one mobile, easy to use package.

The latest lightweight but powerful slate, hybrid and convertible Windows 8 tablet designs are truly revolutionary. Windows 8 tablets will make an untethered mobile office a reality for you.

Windows 8.1 + Tablet  = The power of the windows desktop - easier than ever on a Windows 8 tablet - combined with the new Windows UI for the ultimate notebook replacement power tool!

Find our about our Windows 8 tablets below and buy Windows 8 tablets online now. Tablet PC also offers training courses on Windows 8 to make sure you know how to use it to it's full potential!


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