Shipping & Payment - Frequently Asked Questions FAQs


All items are shipped via Australian Air Express, usually overnight. Shipping is based on the following weight rule anywhere in Australia:

Under 3kg $16.00
Under 5kg $22.00
Under 10kg $50.00
Over 10kg $99.00

Tablet PC also includes free shipping on selected new Tablet PC purchases, and software licensing distributed electronically via email, such as Bluebeam.  Check individual items in the store for more details.


We accept the following methods of payment:

Tablet PC Payment Methods


Direct Debit 

Flexicommercial and Tablet PC

Delivery & Shipping

Q, What is the delivery time?

A,  Standard freight time is usually 1-2 days. If there are any issues with shipping your product to you, we will do our best to advise you immediately. If you have an urgent requirement, we recommend that you call Tablet PC on 1300 110 101 to enquire about stock availability before ordering online.

Please note that shipping will occur once we have all items in stock. It is important to us that you receive the goods you have purchased as soon as possible. Everything else being equal, if we are unable to supply the equipment within a reasonable timeframe we will happily offer you a refund, or attempt to find an alternative solution for you.

Q, What shipping options do you have?

A, We ship within Australia using Australian Air Express.

Q, Can I pick up my order?

A, Pickup can be arranged in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Q, Do I need to be present to receive a delivery?

A, Yes, our couriers will only deliver where they can obtain a signature. If they cannot complete the delivery because a signature cannot be obtained, delivery may be made to your local post office. Be sure to check for a missed delivery card in the mailbox.

Q, Do you accept orders from outside of Australia or New Zealand?

A, No, we only accept orders and payments from within Australia and New Zealand.

Q, Can you ship to a PO Box?

A, No, our courier services requires that each delivery be signed for by the recipient of the order. Identification will be required to receive your delivery.

Product Information

Q, What Tablet PC should I buy?

A, We are here to help you find the best Tablet PC for your needs. Here are 3 important questions that we'll ask you:

  1. Where do you want to use your Tablet PC? Is it:
    • Indoor or Outdoors?
    • Dirty, dusty or wet?
    • Cold, hot
    • A hazardous environment (e.g. Gas)
  2. What programs do you want to run on your tablet? For example:
    • CAD, drawing or sketching
    • Mapping - Mapinfo or ezri ArcPad
    • Office - Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc
    • Citrix - Remote server environment
    • Custom, bespoke or in house software.
  3. What is the anticipated benefit of using a Tablet PC? For example:
    • Access to information while mobile
    • Enter data once - eliminating rework, double handling and re-entry caused by paper based systems
    • Notetaking, sketching or handwriting recognition.

If you have some answers to those questions, finding the right Tablet PC will be easy for you! Call us or email with that information to discuss your options.

Demonstrations and trials

Q, Can I see it and try it before I buy?

A, Yes, whilst we do not have a traditional showroom, you can contact us to find out when we are in your area next for an in person demonstration. We can arrange for a demonstration in our Melbourne office.

We also regularly demonstrate all of our Tablet PCs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. We regularly visit regional areas all over Australia. Join our facebook page to see when we're in your town next.

Q, Can we test for a week or two before we buy?

A, Yes, certain Tablet PCs are available for trial periods where a company has a significant project that requires extended testing. Feel free to call us to discuss if a trial is available for your project.

Q, Can we hire a Tablet PC to see if it will work for us?

A, Yes, we have a number of Tablet PCs available for hire for trial periods of up to 3 months.


Q, Does your pricing include GST?

A, Yes, all of our website pricing is displayed including GST. All customers receive a Tax Invoice clearly stating GST applied.

Be aware that some Tablet PC / Notebook / Computer Sales websites display pricing Ex GST.  

Q, What if I find the product cheaper elsewhere?

A, Whilst you may find the product on cheaper other websites, we encourage you to carefully check the service on offer. Most online businesses have little to no experience with Tablet PCs (even some that claim they do) and can offer you very little assistance with any Tablet specific questions that you will have.

Here are some important questions to ask:

Tablet PC is the only company in Australia with the experience, know how and proven training program to ensure that you can use your Tablet PC effectively. We also offer a priority courier warranty service for any non-induced faults on top of Motion Computing's back to base warranty for the warranty period of your device.

We are trusted by thousands of Australian companies to ensure that their Tablet PC deployments are successful. Click here to see just a few of our customers. Call us on 03 9999 1601 to find out more.

Warranty, Returns & Service

Q, What happens if my product needs service?

A, Contact us first to find out what to do for your specific product. Depending on the product and the manufacturers warranty offered you may be required to call or log your warranty claim directly with the manufacturer. We will assist you with this process if you need it.

All products sold on this website are locally sourced and serviced in Australian based service centres. 

We do not parrallel import or offer any products that need to be sent overseas for service.

Q, What if the service centre can't resolve my problem?

A, With the volume of Tablet PCs that we supply to companies all over Australia, the chances are that if you're having a problem with your Tablet PC we've seen it before. We're here to help, so call us or email

Q, What if the product is faulty upon receipt?

A, Please contact us immediately to make a DOA claim for a replacement product if possible. DOA claims must be received within 7 days of the receipt of your product.

Q, What is your returns policy?

A, Please ensure that you speak to us or email us before purchasing to determine if a product meets your needs.

Tablet PC abides by the Australian Consumer Law and under certain circumstances products may be returned. Please request a copy of our "General Terms and Conditions of Trade for All Clients" via email to for full details.

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