Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB Memory Card

Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB Memory Card
Price: AUD $119.00 inc GST

Want a higher resolution camera for your Tablet PC? With the Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB Memory Card you could use your own Digital SLR and then wireless send photos back to your Tablet PC!

Equip your camera with the Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB Memory Card. Upload pictures and videos directly onto your Tablet PC with wireless connectivity, while geotagging helps you keep track of your media. This unit can also automatically back up your work, for increased security.

Wireless Sharing

With built-in 802.11n speed wireless on this card, you can upload photos and videos through your home Wi-Fi network faster than ever. You can even share your creations wirelessly to popular websites like Flickr or Facebook or send them directly from your camera to your iPhone, Android or Tablet PC.

Automatic Back-Up

Protect your important media by wirelessly backing up your files to folders of your choice on your PC or Mac automatically; so you'll always have a spare copy of your photos and videos just in case.

Plenty of Space

Store over 8000 photos or up to six hours of video footage on this spacious 16GB memory card. Perfect for a compact camera, it can free up space after pictures or videos are safely uploaded to another device – meaning you'll never have to worry about running out of space due to a heap of old files again!

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