Motion USB Keyboard

Motion USB Keyboard

The Motion USB keyboard with an ultra compact footprint, provides excellent feel and operation in a lightweight and small size.

The Mobile Keyboard has 88/89 keys and integrates a touch pad that can be used in addition to the Digitizer Pen. It is a highly recommended accessory and works equally well on the road or at your desk. The keyboard uses/requires a single USB Connection.

Suits the following Motion Computing Tablet PCs:

  • LS800
  • LE1600
  • LE1700
  • J3400
  • J3500
  • F5
  • F5V
  • C5
  • C5v
Compatible With: All models - Including LS800, LE1600, LE1700, J3400, J3500, F5, F5v, C5, C5v

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