Motion CL-Series Readydock Charging Station

Motion CL-Series Readydock Charging Station

The ReadyDock® CL-Series is the ideal solution for storing, charging, connecting and securing your CL-Series Tablet PCs and CL-Series SlateMate™ devices. Designed with your workflow in mind, the CL-Series ReadyDock® enables you to quickly house and charge up to five CL-Series Tablet PCs. Quickly swap devices to eliminate downtime and when your day is done securely lock your tablets and their valuable data with the integrated lock. The ReadyDock® CL-Series is compatible with both the CL-Series Tablet PC and the CL-Series SlateMate™.

Ethernet Connectivity enables IT to connect, control, sync and manage the tablet PCs while they are stored throughout the day or overnight. Tablets automatically connect when stored, enabling direct 10/100 Mbps remote connectivity for efficient management.


  • Modular Design offering a variety of configurations for storing up to 15 tablets
  • Daisy Chain Charging allowing up to 15 tablets to be charged from a single 120v/15a outlet
  • Daisy Chain Connectivity enabling IT departments to access units while stored for image updates, support and policy management
  • Lock & Secure your valuable assets with the integrated locking mechanism
  • Small Footprint maximizes valuable desk space real estate
  • Compatible with both Motion CL-Series Tablet PC and CL-Series SlateMate™ dimensions
  • Charging Status Visibility
  • Sealed Cooling Fan
  • Two-Port Access to Internal Gigabyte Ethernet Hub
  • Daisy Chain Power Cord (sold separately)
  • Optional Wall Mount Brackets available
  • Ethernet:
    • Wired Remote Backup 
    • Remote Image Management
    • Remote IT Support
    • All tablets connect to internal switch
    • Two RJ45 ports provide direct access to ports on the internal switch
    • Wake-on-Lan (tablet configuration required)
    • 10/100Mbps

    Note: To ensure that tablets are securely connected and continuously charging, locking door should be secured when not in use or between docking or undocking tablet PCs.


Color: Silver and Black

Dimensions: (W) 14.3” (H) 10.2” (D) 9.6”

Weight w/o Tablets: 10 Lbs.

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