Motion CL-Series Multi-Tablet Charging Station

Motion CL-Series Multi-Tablet Charging Station

The CL-Series Multi-Tablet Charging Station houses and charges up to 4 CL-Series Tablet PCs and is ideal for multi-user workflows. The charging station keeps your Motion Tablet PCs charged and ready to go without the interference of cables or drawers and the sleek design allows for usage in front offices and customer-facing environments.

Motion CL-Series Multibay Charger

Key Features:

  • Store and charge up to 4 CL-Series Tablet PCs

  • Includes 19V single charger adapter cable
  • Compatible with CL-Series Carry Kit and CL-Series X-Strap attachment posts

  • Compatible with CL-Series and CL-Series SlateMate™ Tablet PCs


Color: Black
Dimensions: 15.6” x 10.6” x 2.4”
(397.4mm x 268.5mm x 60mm)
Weight: 5lbs 14oz (2.66kg)

Compatibility: All CL-Series Tablet PCs including the CL-Series SlateMate™ with magnetic stripe reader (MSR) and Barcode Scanner (BCS)


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