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Turn by Turn GPS Navigation for Windows Tablet PCs, Laptops, Netbooks and Car PCs - with Australian Maps.

Latest generation Tablet PCs like the Motion CL900, F5v, J3500 and Fujitsu Q550 all offer GPS functionality, so why not extend that with GPS Turn by Turn Navigation? Now you can with Odyssey Navigator for Windows PCs with Australian Maps.

This is the only GPS Turn by Turn Navigator for Windows PCs to offer Australian Maps!

NAVTEQ Maps - As seen on Garmin, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nokia and many more...

Odyssey Navigator includes a fully licenced copy of NAVTEQ 2011-H1 electronic maps. These are the same maps that are used in many of the popular GPS devices and inbuilt GPS systems offered by vehicle manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes Benz and many more.

Due to contractual arrangements, NAVTEQ maps are licenced for a single installation only meaning that they cannot be re-installed again, even on the same PC. To work around this, you must ensure that you take a full system image back of your Tablet PC or laptop after you install Odyssey Navigator.

Easy to use

Odyssey Navigator is perfectly designed for use on your touch screen tablet. The program runs in a full screen mode preventing distractions. Menus and actions are large, clear and easy to touch.

The program automatically checks the time and date to switch into day and night mode for easy day or night viewing. You can also choose from either 2D top down modes or 3D navigation display modes.

Finding a location is easy using the predictive text input. Easily select the fastest, shortest and most economical routes. You can even avoid toll roads.

Clear voice instructions and turn by turn guidance in many languages mean that you never need to miss a turn again. If you do miss a turn, re-routing in Odyssey navigator is amazingly fast!

GPS Compatible

Odyssey Navigator reads GPS data in the industry standard NMEA format. PC based GPS modules send the data through a virtual serial port and Odyssey Navigator can automatically scan to detect your GPS port. Just make sure you have your GPS turned on!

Tablet PCs with the Gobi 2000 or 3000 Mobile Broadband modules already have satellite GPS capability with NMEA output built in.

Not sure if your Tablet PC is GPS Compatible?

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Point of Interest (POI) Import

Odyssey Navigator is already pre-loaded with thousands of Points of Interest such as Airports, Service Stations and fixed Speed Cameras.

Companies can make life easier for their staff by taking advantage of the POI import function to add their own data into Odyssey Navigator.

You can also import your address book from outlook and other email clients, as well as your favourites list.


This product is delivered digitally via download. Download will be sent out on your order completion. Download and install your software and it will run in 30 minute trial mode until you will receive your product key next business day.

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