Extended Warranty options for Surface Laptop

Extended Warranty options for Surface Laptop
Price: AUD $89.00 inc GST

There are several options for extending the warranty on your Surface Laptop.
Please note that all warranties must be purchased within 45 days of device purchase.

What you get with your extended warranty

Microsoft Expertise: No-one knows your Surface better than Microsoft. Get one-on-one set-up support from a Microsoft technical expert to help you get and stay productive with your Surface.

Peace of Mind: You'll never have to worry about “what if.”  It covers your potential software or hardware needs for three or four years.

Extended Service: This warranty extends your device protection (warranty) from hardware defects or malfunctions to three or four full years. This is transferable with device ownership.

Accidental Damage Insurance: Accidents happen, and that’s okay. If you choose to extend your Surface Laptop Warranty and include Accidental Damage Protection, you get three or four years of accidental damage insurance - even from drops and spills.

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