Motion 48v Isolated DC Auto Adapter by Lind

Motion 48v Isolated DC Auto Adapter by Lind

This Lind DC Power Adapter provides a regulated DC output to tablets and peripherals from a DC voltage source.
Electrical isolation between input and output prevents ground loops and allows the output to be used as a negative voltage if required.

The rugged design of Lind power adapters make them ideally suited for use in harsh mobile environments - perfect for forklifts!
The chargers electronics are protected by a rugged aluminium housing which is filled and sealed with epoxy that protects the electronics from damage due to shock, vibration and spilled liquids.

  • Input Voltage: 20 to 60V

In the Box:
• Output cable to tablet
• Bare wire leads

Stock Availability: Discontinued - No longer available
Compatible With: All Motion Tablet PCs

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