Get Productive with OneNote

Get Productive with OneNote

OneNote is the hidden gem in Office – it can replace paper and save you countless hours and resources!  Once you know how to use your device, OneNote gives you the power to become productive!  

Want to save time?  Reduce paper use?  Collaborate on ideas?  Gather research? Create content?  Meet more effectively? 

OneNote is for you! 

Get Productive with OneNote Course Outline

Introduction to OneNote - What is it?

  • Where is information stored? 

  • Setting up your spaces in OneNote

  • What should I use OneNote for? 

  • Type, Touch, Write and more in OneNote
  • Inking (Drawing) in OneNote
  • Page templates

  • Using tags

  • Building ‘To Do’ lists

  • Hyperlinking in OneNote

  • Sharing OneNote content

  • Clipping to OneNote

  • Multi-User features

  • Workflow scenarios – practical demonstrations
    - Meetings
    - Publishing - Create content
    - Mind mapping
    - Research

Course can be delivered for OneNote 2016 or OneNote UWP App.

Attendance: Group session of up to 25 people conducted on-site (where possible) or Online via Teams.

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Anywhere in Australia

Travel Costs: N/A for Capital Cities


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