Surface Hub - Changing the way we meet

Whiteboards, Audio conferencing, Video conferences, Flip charts – disparate systems all supposedly there to assist the way we meet. 

Surface Hub takes the best of these tools and enhances, changing the way we meet and creating more effective meetings. 

Surface Hub - Changing the Way we meet

Surface Hub - What is the Hub?

  • Getting started

  • Navigating the Hub

  • Working with the whiteboard

  • Signing into Office (Optional for Office 365 users)
  • Presenting from PowerPoint
  • Inking on a Word document or Excel spreadsheet

  • Other apps

  • Managing a Skype call

  • How to use Hub in your next meeting

Attendance: Group session of up to 5 people recommended for best 'hands on' experience - on-site (where possible) or Online via Teams

Duration: 45 minute sessions - 4 sessions run back-to-back over 3 hours

Location: Anywhere in Australia

Travel Costs: N/A for Capital Cities


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