Surface Connect to USB-C Charging Cable

Surface Connect to USB-C Charging Cable
This cable converts the proprietary Microsoft Surface Connect port used for charging to USB-C power delivery.
Perfect for charging your Surface with a power bank (sold separately, see requirements below).

This cable charges at up to 15V/3A (45W).
Power Delivery (PD) at 15V is required for the USB-C power supply

Cable Length: approx 150 cms/60 inches


If your original Surface charger is 36W or 44W, then you will need a 45W PD (15V/3A) power source.

Power Source Output Requirement Per Surface Model:

Microsoft Surface Go: 30W PD (15V/2A) or 45W PD (15V/3A)

Microsoft Surface Pro 3/4/5/6: 45W PD (15V/3A) or greater

Microsoft Surface Laptop: 45W PD (15V/3A) or greater

Microsoft Surface Book 1/2: 45W PD (15V/3A) or greater 

*Please Note: 18W, 24W and 29W will not work.

Stock Availability: Discontinued - No longer available
Compatible With: Surface Go 2, Surface Go, Surface Pro 3-7, Surface Pro X, Surface Laptop 1-3, Surface Book 1-3

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