The possibilities of using a Tablet PC to manage your business are endless.

Unlike the Apple iPad or Android based Tablets, the big advantage of using Microsoft Windows Based Tablet PC's is that you have guaranteed compatibility with your Business Application Software out of the box. Run any software program like you normally would because our Tablet PC's are often exactly the same as a Notebook computer on the inside, it's just the way you interact with them is different - instead of a keyboard and mouse, it's a digtizer pen and finger touch!

Did you know the next fastest way to enter data into a computer besides touch typing is by writing in your own handwriting directly on the screen using a Tablet PC!

Tablet PC's can also enable you to go paperless! For example:

  • Whenever you go into a meeting you can record all your notes in a digital file instead of having to return to your desk to type it all out with a program like Microsoft Onenote;
  • Whenever you are asked to sign a document you can now do it directly on the screen instead of having to print it off with a program like Bluebeam PDF Revu;
  • Having electronic copies of all your documents mean you have all the information at your fingertips instead of having to trawl through manilla folders trying to find something!


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