Tablets in Your Industry

Tablet PCs are often deployed in fields like healthcare, construction, inspections, emergency services, mining, sales and many more.

Tablet PCs can be used when you need to:

  • Record or access data while on the move, while walking or standing up
  • Track equipment and supplies with GPS locations and imaging
  • Capture information from barcodes, RFID tags
  • Make an existing Windows or web based application available to mobile staff
  • Access the web or email while travelling
  • Capture signatures
  • Take notes or minutes from meeting and conferences
  • Conduct interactive presentations and training
  • Quickly replace a paper based processes.

There are hundreds of uses for Tablet PCs. Ultimately, Tablet PCs will:

  • Save your business money by getting real time, accurate information to you
  • Stop Rework! Get it done and get it down right the first time
  • Spare you the large costs of developing a new application for PDA or iPad if your software already runs on Windows
  • Enable you to completely integrate your mobile staff into your business, so they can spend less time in the office and more time with customers

In this section, we have gathered some information about Tablet PC benefits and usage scenarios in different industries and provided some recommendations.

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