Xplore/Motion F5m Rugged Tablet PC

Mobile workers - accept no compromise!

Thanks to the powerful Motion F5m Tablet PC - with 5th Generation "Bromwell" Intel Core processors - you can work wherever you need to without compromise. The F5m is designed to allow you to work on site - rain, hail or shine - like you were in the office.

The F5m is a rugged slate Tablet PC running Windows 10 Pro, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 Pro, but in a highly mobile form factor that is capable of replacing a laptop. It is ultra-mobile weighing only 1.5kg and it features an unparalleled outdoor display and smart digital pen technology.

Don't just survive, excel!

The F5m is not just built to survive - it is built to excel. Sure it has been drop tested on 26 different angles from 4 feet to the MIL 810G Standard. Yes, it is IP54 rated for awesome dust and water ingress protection. Watch the video demonstration True, the Corning Gorilla Glass screen is 5 times stronger than other tablet PC screens. But unlike many other rugged tablet computers, the F5m is not hideously compromised when it comes to performance.

The Motion F5m tablet packs a punch!

  • The choice of ultra-fast 5th generation "Bromwell" Intel Core i7, i5 or i3 processors
  • Up to 16Gb of DDR3 RAM
  • Up to 256Gb of Solid State Storage for extra ruggedness!

What that means for you is nothing but the fastest rugged slate computer available today. It's built to work wherever you do.

Unparalleled Outdoor Viewing - with Wacom Active Digitizer Pen

The F5m has a new brighter wide viewing 1024 x 768 display that is exceptionally readable with horizontal viewing from all 4 sides. The bright F5m screen lets you read screen comfortably outside without compromise.

The Motion F5m combines the Wacom Active Digitizer Pen system with capacitive Multi-Touch - the perfect combination to take advantage of Windows 10 Pro.

Maximum Flexibility

When designing the F5m, Motion have covered nearly every usage scenario you can think of.

  • Bar Code Reader Option - Check.
  • 4G / LTE - Check.
  • GPS - Check.
  • Smart Card Reader Option - Check.
  • Safe vehicle mounting - Check.
  • Wall mounting - Check.
  • Flexible carry options - Check.

The F5m is powerful enough to be used in your office as a desktop PC. When you're docked into your desktop docking station you can have an external second screen hooked up at full HD resolution (Runs as an Extended Desktop).

Use a wireless keyboard and mouse for best ergonomics in the office, but when you go out onsite simply undock the F5m and use a carry option like the clip carry for full flexibility (shoulder and hand strap for easy carrying).

Stop rework = efficiency for your business

The F5m features the highest quality Wacom smart Active Digitizer Pen that allows you enter data in your own handwriting Watch the video demonstration It's a digital device that opens up all sorts of possibilities for eliminating rework.

The Active Digitizer Pen is so much more powerful than any stylus you have seen before. It enables you to naturally handwrite on the screen. The Active Digitizer Pen is:

  • Proximity sensitive - you don't have to touch the screen for it to work - just hover over it.
  • Pressure sensitive - your handwritten notes look real like pen and paper.

The Windows Tablet Input Panel allows you to "write to type" - by far the fastest, most natural and amazingly accurate input method available when you are walking around onsite. Or you can store your handwriting on a digital notepad like Microsoft OneNote. Convert it to typed text or just leave your notes as searchable handwritten scribbles - the choice is yours.

Prescription for an instant cure for rework: Take the F5m tablet with its ability to "write to type" and programs like:

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel - From the most simple spread sheet to the most complex
  • Microsoft Word
  • Your accounting system
  • Your CRM system
  • Your GIS system
  • Your web database
  • Whatever program you choose!

The option to enter data directly into your existing systems means an instant end to rework.

No more paper forms to lose, no more bulky manuals to carry around, no more writing things on paper only to retype them later in the office.

Always Be Connected with F5m

Forget about having to plug your tablet into your PC to make it work! The Motion F5m is a PC. It features:

  • Super fast N-mode wireless networking
  • Ethernet connectivity through the optional dock or USB / Ethernet Port Bar
  • 4G LTE Mobile broadband for everywhere connectivity with Telstra Next G, Optus or Vodafone.
  • Satellite based GPS (standalone, Not assisted GPS-A)
  • Up to 4 USB Ports - 1 on the unit and 3 on the optional dock
  • Connection to an External Monitor via optional dock.

Of course with all that connectivity you can store and backup your files in the cloud, but you don't have to. Plug in a USB memory stick or portable drive, access files on your server or just keep them locally. The F5m is all about choice. Your choice, not ours.

Built to run 24 x 7

Thanks to the new "Bromwell" Intel Core processors, the F5m runs far longer on battery than ever before!

The F5m can go all day and all night with just 2 hot swappable batteries. The standard battery gives up to 8 hours of use time (5-7 hours in a typical scenario), but charges to full charge in around 90 minutes.

With hot swapping, you can simply remove and replace the battery without going to standby or shutting down.

That means with 2 batteries and a battery charger (there's one built right into the optional dock) you can go 24 x 7 and then some. Using standby, the F5m can be on and off in under 3 seconds and it will run on standby for around 24 hours from a full battery.

There are a myriad of charging options including:

  • An 8 - 32 Volt car / truck charger
  • An 8 - 32 Volt in car / truck battery charger
  • Docking station with spare battery charger
  • Ready dock stackable secure charging and maintenance docks.



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